How to easily deal with disappointment

How to easily deal with disappointment

Disappointment is a part of life. A large part of growing up is learning to deal with disappointments. We become used to not getting what we want without throwing a tantrum. Learning how to manage how to easily deal with disappointment in life can help you with your anger, sadness and other feelings that disappointment might bring.
Here are 3 ways to handle disappointment:

1) Grieve the loss

With every disappointment comes a loss. The loss of a trip you’ll never take, the job you won’t have, the relationship you won’t have – allow yourself to feel and grieve the loss. It can be difficult to grieve for what you have never had – but if you have been imagining something that doesn’t happen you will have some idea of what you were hoping for. If you are prone to perfectionism, read this blog post for some helpful tips.

2) Examine Expectations

Usually you are disappointed when something you were hoping for or expecting didn’t happen. It’s helpful to look at these expectations and see how realistic they were and what made you think that it was possible. If you set your expectations too high it can lead to you feeling anxious.  It can be helpful to think about what’s driving these expectations as this will show the underlying need. For example if the underlying need is to feel successful, then everything will be viewed through this lens.

3) Remember Your Power

If you are continually disappointed with others and what they do, say, etc – then remember the only person you can control is yourself! You can choose who to spend your time with and what to let into your life. If you don’t feel able to do this, counselling can help you to create and maintain healthy boundaries and to practice self-care.
How do you deal with disappointments?