Panic Attack Help

Panic Attack Help – Video Transcript

Hi I’m Laura Hollywood from I’m dong a series of videos for Mental Health Awareness Week. This one is on panic attacks. So if you’re someone with anxiety, or even someone who didn’t think they had anxiety you may still have had a panic attack.
I’m going to talk to you a bit about panic attacks and what that’s like and then how I can help you to manage them.

Why do I get panic attacks?

So with a panic attack what’s happening is it’s the fight or flight thing  kicking in to your body, so your adrenaline rises. Obviously
people experience panic attacks differently but the main thing is people often feel their heart going faster, often people might think they are having a heart attack and your  breathing will become shallower and you’ll probably start hyperventilating.

How do I stop a panic attack?

The first thing to do is to notice the physical symptoms and realise that you are having a panic attack and that that is all that is happening.
You’re having a panic attack but you will be OK. Then to calm yourself down.

Calming your breathing down.

So there’s different ways to do that. Sometimes things might work for you and other times they might not work so well so it’s good to have a few different things. So to start with, sometimes people find it helpful to hold their breath. To get their breath under control to try and hold their breath. Other people find it helpful to try and exhale rather than trying to inhale which is what you often do when you’re hyperventilating. You can start by closing your mouth and breathing in through your nose, you can count to four, then you can exhale counting to four again.

Other people find it helpful to do breathing from the diaphragm. I might do another video or I might do a worksheet showing you how you can do that. Basically you put your hand on your diaphragm, and then when you breathe in through your nose you want to expand your stomach and when you breathe out you want to push all the air out of your stomach up so what it does is it really calms you down.

That’s the first thing to do.

Ground Yourself

Other ways to ground yourself, you know there’s different ways. You can look around, name things you can see, name things you can smell, name things you can hear, name things you can touch.

Use touch

Also sometimes having something in your hand like there’s fidget cubes or even having a pen or a ball, just noticing that. Noticing , feeling your feet on the ground, these kind of grounding things. Distract yourself there’s visualisations  you can do. There’s lots of different things
you can try. So if you are having difficulty with panic attacks at the moment. Please do get in touch I can give you some help  around that. OK until next time take care.


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