Counselling is space and time for you! It’s a type of talk therapy where you can discuss your feelings and any problems you are experiencing. It’s a chance for you to look at doing things differently, to make changes and to explore your thoughts and feelings more deeply.
Our first session is a chance to see how we can work together and for you to tell me what has brought you to counselling. You may feel anxious at the idea of talking about yourself which is normal. I don’t sit and stare at you with a blank face, I listen to you and respond which can help you make sense of things. Counselling is more about what you say than what I do!

Counselling helps you to:

be able to talk about something difficult or that you’ve never shared before in a safe confidential space
find new ways to deal with stress, anxiety and depression
gain an understanding of yourself, your relationships and learning why you do the things you do
Change old behaviour patterns and developing healthier coping mechanisms

Counselling is most effective when attended on a weeky basis to help you make long lasting changes. If you are away let me know in advance, I have a 24-hr cancellation policy so if you don’t let me know before this time you will be charged the session fee

I recommend six sessions to begin, you may have an idea about how long you feel you need and we will agree this and review the work as we go along. I offer short term and longer term counselling. If you want to end, it is good practice for us to have two sessions to ensure we end safely and for me to work ethically in accordance with the BACP framework.

It is £60 for a 50 minute counselling session.

I offer some concession rates for counselling students and those who need it, so please ask.

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