Social Anxiety Counselling



Social Anxiety Counselling  – Video Transcript

Hi I’m Laura Hollywood from I’m going to be doing a series of videos for Mental Health Awareness Week about different types of mental health conditions. As you know I specialize in anxiety, so today I’m going to talk to you a bit about social anxiety. A little bit about what it is and how you might recognize it in yourself and then give you some ideas of how I would help you work with that. Obviously there’s always lots of different ways to work with it, so if you want to find out more then please get in touch with me after.

How would you know if you’re someone with social anxiety?

 I guess to start with just to say it’s not the same as being shy. People have shyness and they might be worried about going out to places and that sort of thing. Social anxiety is more about people worrying that when they’re in those situations, social situations, particularly ones that are unfamiliar or there might be people that they don’t know that they will do something that will either embarrass or humiliate themselves.

Whether that’s just being anxious  so for example if you’re someone that blushes a lot you might worry if you’re out and you don’t know people that people will see you blushing and then that will be embarrassing.

How does social anxiety limit what people do?

For people is it can be really limiting. So it can mean that you do lots of things I guess we call them safe behaviors which mean that you limit what you do. It means you won’t go out with new people you won’t go into situations where you don’t know what might happen or where you might feel that you’re not in control. It means that you focus a lot on yourself and you put a lot of attention on yourself.

There’s also with all anxiety you know often physical symptoms so it might be sweating and and you may have to practice what you’re going to say before you go out and these kind of things.

How can social anxiety counselling help?

So really how we would work with that is we start off by helping you think about your physical symptoms and how you can manage them and become more aware of them. We’d work using some mindfulness techniques as well just to bring you back into the present so you’re not worrying about the future so much.

Then we look at really the root cause of the anxiety and where it came from. Also what is trying to tell you I think it can be a helpful to think about if your anxiety had a voice what would it be telling you? That can be really useful for people to to think about that.

There’s just a few things that we would try and to find out more please go to the website and you can send me an email or give me a telephone call or I’m always happy to answer any questions. Okay until then take care.

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